How You Support a Charitable Organization by Ordering the Guidebook

By purchasing Enhancing Instructional Problem Solving: An Efficient System for Assisting Struggling Learners (also known as the “SOPAA guidebook”), a portion of the proceeds goes to the authors of the book (Drs. John Begeny, Ann Schulte, and Kent Johnson). However, John Begeny designates all of his proceeds from the book directly to the Helps Education Fund nonprofit organization. The mission of this charitable organization is to improve educational outcomes for children—nationally and internationally—through research, service, and collaborative partnerships among universities, K-12 schools, community agencies, and/or community members (e.g., parents of K-12 children).

In short, the Helps Education Fund offers a novel approach to supporting educators and students by aligning (a) professional collaboration to solve challenging problems in schools, (b) a research-driven approach to identifying which teaching strategies and tools are feasible to use and effective, and (c) an economically conscious framework for easily getting effective teaching tools into the hands of educators and parents.

As detailed in the mission of the Helps Education Fund, the goals of this organization are as follows:

  1. Promote and facilitate authentic collaboration between (a) education researchers and other specialized scholars who study particular challenges and concepts related to education, and (b) the educators, sometimes including parents, who work directly (and frequently) with students and also want to solve the same education challenges.
  2. Through authentic collaboration, ensure that the educators and researchers develop and/or evaluate feasible ways to solve a particular educational challenge (e.g., improving students’ reading comprehension, enhancing the school’s system for assisting students with behavior difficulties).
  3. With teaching methods that have evidence of being effective in solving the particular challenge, provide the needed materials and services (e.g., training) for free or at the lowest possible costs to all educators who deal with those same challenges.
  4. When needed, provide even more support for educators who work with a high percentage of students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and/or students who fail to meet state standards in reading or mathematics.

Related to the SOPAA model, the Helps Education Fund produces and financially supports the following:

  • Development and maintenance of the SOPAA website (
  • Supplemental resources that educators can use to support SOPAA implementation
  • Free on-line consultation and support for educators using the SOPAA model
  • Free or low-cost training and consultative support within your specific SOPAA school or region. Just as some examples, this on-site support is designed to:
  • Help to train SOPAA facilitators
  • Help SOPAA facilitators develop an implementation plan and build teacher support
  • Help to train educators in the school to use intervention programs or assessments that will be used with the SOPAA
  • Help to evaluate student outcomes and SOPAA implementation outcomes
  • Problem-solve with SOPAA facilitators about any other implementation challenges

But supporting educators’ SOPAA implementation is just one of many goals the Helps Education Fund. After ordering your copy of Enhancing Instructional Problem Solving, please be sure to learn more about the Helps Education Fund and how our organization may be able to support your role as an educator in other ways.

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