The Purpose and Goals of the Helps Education Fund

The overall mission of the Helps Education Fund is to improve educational outcomes for children and adolescents locally, nationally, and internationally.

We recognize there are many excellent organizations that work hard to fulfill this same purpose—and this is fortunate because no one person or one organization can successfully improve all students’ learning needs to the level that all students deserve. However, the specific ways by which we try to fulfill our mission are unique from most organizations.

For example, the Helps Education Fund is committed to research, service, and collaborative partnerships among education researchers (such as those working in universities), K-12 schools, community education-based agencies (such as Boys and Girls Club after school programs), and/or community members (such as parents of K-12 children). Based on this commitment to research, service projects, and collaborative partnerships, we strive to fulfill our mission by developing and/or evaluating educational practices and resources that are designed to improve learning outcomes for children.

Of the practices and resources that have evidence of being effective, we then provide those materials and related services (such as teacher professional development) for free or at the lowest possible cost—costs that are far below the typical costs.

In order to make our materials and services available for free or at the lowest possible costs, the majority of our organization and programs are facilitated by:

  • Dedicated professionals in the field of education who volunteer their time
  • Community volunteers who can assist our organization in many important ways
  • Research and service grants
  • Donations from those who support our mission

With the aforementioned goals and activities, we also aim to address a widely reported problem in education: successfully bridging educational research with day-to-day educational practice.

Also, although our organization is dedicated to providing research-based and feasible-to-use materials and resources to all educators, in our effort to promote educational equity, we prioritize some of our free services (e.g., professional development workshops, consultation support) for schools serving high percentages of students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and/or students who fail to meet state standards in reading or mathematics.

In short, we believe that the large majority of educators, parents, and education researchers work very hard to support students’ learning and overall school success. But by working together in a coordinated and research-based way to solve the many challenges associated with teaching and learning, and by giving away to all educators the tools and programs that effectively address those challenges, this approach can drastically improve students’ learning and promote equity in education.

When you can, please take some time to navigate the Helps Education Fund website ( to learn more about our mission, why the Helps Education Fund is important to education, how we accomplish our goals, and how you can directly benefit from our organization (beyond the materials and services provided on this SOPAA website).