How to Get the Most from this SOPAA for Schools Website

If you already have access to the guidebook and have begun reading it to learn more about the SOPAA model, this website should support your preparation and ultimate implementation of the SOPAA.

Simply register an account, login, and begin exploring the resources designed to support you.

For example, you will find supplemental forms and materials to assist you with facilitating the TAPS process, generating teacher support for the model, or creating a network of school volunteers to support your school’s SOPAA model.

When you have questions about implementation, our discussion thread and experienced SOPAA implementers are available to offer free advice and input about your questions.

This website will also help you identify how to access additional implementation support, such as on-site consulting and problem-solving at your school, as well as options for you to attend SOPAA workshops. Learn more by navigating throughout this site!