Praise about the SOPAA Guidebook

"Helping schools to implement systemwide change to improve student academic performance can be exhilarating, but practitioners often face deeply frustrating obstacles. This is absolutely the best book I have come across as a map for successfully navigating and mastering the difficult process of schoolwide change. The book provides guidance for promoting a problem-solving approach throughout the school to improve every classroom teacher's day-to-day instructional practices. The authors offer valuable recommendations for training teachers to serve as intervention consultants; assessing academic delays and monitoring student progress; and making efficient use of personnel and school resources."

Jim Wright, MS, CAS, RTI consultant and trainer, developer of the popular education website, Intervention Central, New York

"This excellent, original volume is a much-needed addition to the literature on effecting school change. The book is practitioner friendly and written with day-to-day school consultation issues in mind. The authors' systematic framework is described in easily understood terms and includes examples and practical tools."

Edward S. Shapiro, PhD, Center for Promoting Research to Practice, Lehigh University

"What district or school couldn't utilize a research-based, user-friendly book that strengthens their response-to-intervention process? The clear, step-by-step plan outlined in this book can enhance any school's capacity to improve student learning outcomes. Complete with specific procedures and resources, this unique guide will serve as a roadmap for district- and school-level educators as they struggle with the reality of addressing the learning needs of all students."

Kathy Durbin, PhD, former president of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), Student Services Director for Lancaster County School District (South Carolina)