Support for SOPAA Facilitators

Although the book, Enhancing Instructional Problem Solving, should serve as your primary guide for implementing the SOPAA model and improving your school's capacity for assisting struggling learners, the links listed on the right side of this page will provide additional information and resources to support you in this process.

Please note that the Support for SOPAA Facilitators pages on this website are intended for, and will only be useful for, individuals who have regular access to the SOPAA guidebook and are using the recommendations and resources in the book.

If you do not have access to the guidebook, which provides the most essential materials and detailed guidance for SOPAA implementation, you should access the guidebook before reviewing the Support pages on this site. Our home page provides further information about the SOPAA model, the guidebook, and how it may be useful in your school.

Supplemental Resources

The Supplemental Resources page provides you with TAPS forms that you can use to enter a student's case information electronically, sample surveys that can be used when generating teachers' support for the SOPAA, and many other supplemental resources that will support your use of TAPS and the SOPAA model.

Answers to your questions

On the Answers to Your Questions page, you will find discussion threads with expert comments and answers to SOPAA implementers' most frequently asked questions. And if you do not find answers to your questions on that page, you can always contact us.

Workshops and on-site support

Finally, on the Workshops and On-Site Support page, you will learn how to participate in state and national workshops that are designed to support SOPAA facilitators. Also, for schools that may prefer to have in-school or in-district support and/or training from an experienced SOPAA facilitator, this page describes how you can access this type of support for free or at low costs.